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A Real-World Ontology for Gen AI

Know–the Knowledge Navigator Ontology for the World–is an ontology designed to capture and represent everyday knowledge to augment large language models (LLMs) in real-world use cases such as personal AI assistants.

Our domain is human life, both its everyday concerns and its major milestones. We have limited the initial scope of the modeled concepts to only established human universals: spacetime (places, events) plus social (people, groups, organizations). The inclusion criteria for modeled concepts are pragmatic, beginning with universality and utility.

We also make available code-generated software development kits for the 12 most popular programming languages, enabling the direct use of ontology concepts in software design and engineering.

Class Overview

Top-level classes

Base URI & Prefix

When working with RDF serializations and/or SPARQL queries, the ontology's base URI and recommended prefix to use are the following:

@prefix know: <> .

Linked Data Endpoint

The ontology concepts can be dereferenced in linked data form on this website. If you have the Raptor RDF toolkit and utilities installed, obtain machine-readable ontology concepts in RDF formats as simply as:

$ rapper -o turtle